About Us

eyeDactic was started by parents – parents with children of various ages from 6 to 15 years old.

There is a trend in our community (and probably yours) in which schools are replacing textbooks with digital devices. At home our kids have desktop computers and we already find it difficult to keep them focused on using them responsibly. Yes, we tried putting the PC in the kitchen. Yes, we unplugged the computer at bed time. But you can’t be physically present every time the computer is used. And now that schools are putting mobile devices in the collective hands of thousands of students – difficult becomes impossible. After spending time and money trying various parental control software and services, we decided to create our own system, with less emphasis on “control” and more emphasis on visibility. With this added visibility comes the opportunity for tween/teens to prove to parents their ability to make good decisions rather than saying, “Just trust me!” After all, the real goal of effective parenting is not to control, but to teach good decision making and develop critical thinking skills. Thus when “launched” off to college, they have a greater likelihood of living successful, independent lives.

Towards that goal, we created eyeDactic – a collaborative effort of many parent-technologists bringing advanced “big data” technologies into the consumer space, with the express benefit of helping to raise kids to be responsible and safe digital citizens. We live, work, and raise our families in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is our hope that our resources, support and services will have the same positive effect for your children as it has for ours.