How Does It Work?



The Technology:


The eyeDactic team has invented and filed a patent on a mechanism that allows parents and children to unobtrusively and seamlessly communicate with one another.

The eyeDactic application, installed on the child’s computer, tablet, or phone runs in the background and samples usage data. An example of a sample is:

“At 12:09 PM, Johnny went into the school cafeteria, opened Chrome, and browsed to Facebook”

If the child’s device is being actively used, then dozens of the above messages are collected every minute and sent to a central server repository for the parent to view either in real time or in aggregate.

The central server repository (called the “eyeDactic Viewport”) organizes thousands of messages collected over time into interactive charts and graphs that allows the parent to quickly make sense of the child’s daily activity and progress over time.

It is difficult to describe the Viewport experience. It is rich with behavioral analytics, charts, summaries, reports. All about your child. And if you have eyeDactic applications running on multiple computers/devices, then the Viewport gives you the power to see activity for the entire family. The see the Viewport in action, please click here.

It is important to note that the eyeDactic application running on mobile devices continues to sample data even when not connected to a network. For example, while you child is on the bus.

The eyeDactic application is not intended to be spyware. It is not invisible, but designed to be unintrusive. It can be easily stopped or uninstalled by you or your child. The eyeDactic application is intended to be used by and with children who want accountability and demonstrate their growing maturity.