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Know what your child does online

eyeDactic Feature Benefit Others
YES Tracks connected app activity Know in detail what applications your child spends time on NO
YES Works with Safari and Chrome Does not require a proprietary web browser NO
YES Full web traffic analysis See if your child is downloading or uploading videos or pictures NO
YES Child GPS location tracking Know where your child hangs out and what he/she does there NO
YES Integrated community information Share information with other parents NO

App Monitoring

  • Snapchat 40%
  • Instagram 70%
  • KiK Messenger 80%
  • See exactly what connected applications are being used, at what times, and for how long
  • See what messaging applications are being used, understand your child’s messaging activities
  • Understand how much video streaming your child is doing (i.e. sending videos and watching movies)

Web Monitoring

  • 40%
  • 70%
  • 80%
  • Know what web sites and specific pages your children are visiting
  • See their complete web browsing history
  • See what videos and pictures were viewed
  • See their downloads and subscriptions
  • See how they are using social media

Location Monitoring

Highlighted location:  At time 2014-05-23 09:13:29, at this location, your child visited the web page

  • Show your child’s current physical location (based on GPS) and what they are doing online at that time
  • See a history of your child’s physical locations and online activities while there

Alerts and Reports

  • Receive interactive alerts by email or text message when selected events occur
  • Setup alerts based on app usage, web sites visited, time spent doing homework, etc.
  • Choose from a rich variety of predefined good and bad “trust builders”
  • View “trust builder” status on the web site, and send it to your child’s device, if you want
  • Generate rich reports based on activities and time periods


  • Join with other parents to discuss specific applications
  • Rate web sites
  • Learn what other children are using
  • Compare notes on your children
  • Exchange information

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